EB wRECkers Bowling Club at Bowlero WINTER - 100307

EB wRECkers Bowling Club at Bowlero (Beginner or Under 15)


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EB wRECkers Bowling Club at Bowlero (Beginner or Under 15)

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Time: 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm
Days: Wed
Brunswick Zone
North Brunswick, NJ, 08902
Facility: Bowling at Bowlero


Wed 01/11,Wed 02/08


At least 1 current membership per family member from this pass code list: DAM (Daisy Association Membership), valid on transaction date.
Ages between 6 through 14.99
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EB wRECkers Bowling Club at Bowlero (Beginner or Under 15)

Come join us at Bowlero for a fun night of BEGINNER bowling. Instructions will be provided while participants enjoy a fun and social evening with their peers. Bumpers and ramps are available when needed. NO NURSE WILL BE ON SITE.

Our "teams" are formed according to age and ability to maximize each participants' enjoyment of the activity. Our staff provides assistance to each individual as is needed. We neither foster nor encourage competition, but emphasize each participants' uniqueness and assist them to develop and improve their skills and abilities. Throughout the program, the staff encourages the development of social interaction.

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Online registration is ONLY available to CURRENT Daisy participants. New participants MUST contact Caitlin Kehoe, Daisy Recreation Supervisor, via email at ckehoe@eastbrunswick.org for more information.

Additional Daisy Recreation Information is available online at www.eastbrunswick.org/daisy.

The Department of Recreation and Parks is following the guidance of the CDC, NJDOH and Governor’s Executive Orders in providing these activities to our participants. Please be aware that these guidelines are subject to change at any time.

COVID-19 Pandemic is Ongoing.
The novel coronavirus, COVID-19, is an extremely contagious virus that spreads easily through person-to-person contact. Federal and state authorities recommend social distancing as a means to prevent the spread of the virus. COVID-19 can lead to severe illness, personal injury, permanent disability, and death. Participating in this organization’s programs or accessing our facilities could increase the risk of contracting COVID-19. This organization in no way warrants that COVID-19 infection will not occur through participation in our programs or accessing our facilities.


Charge When Not Billed:
Wednesday Bowling - Resident/Nonresident (Standard Fee): $150.00 + $0.00 Tax = $150.00
Charge When Not Billed:
Wednesday Bowling - Resident/Nonresident (Standard Fee): $150.00 + $0.00 Tax = $150.00
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